What is Gappa Goshti program?

Gappa Goshti is a web based program to facilitate Marathi language learning in a fun and interactive way, through the use of digital media. This program is created by teachers with several years of teaching experience and IT experts with several years of technical and product development experience.


What are the benefits of Gappa Goshti Web program?

Gappa Goshti Web program uses  cutting edge education technology to teach Marathi in a novel way. Kids can have an interactive, unique language learning experience without feeling performance pressure. They can learn in non-traditional way, even when away from the classroom. They gain confidence in applying their language skills as they move from one activity to next. It makes learning Marathi fun!


Who can use this program and how?

Anyone who wants to learn Marathi! It can be used by students both in class and at home. It can be used effectively in the classroom setting led by the teacher and also at home with guidance from a parent.


What are the benefits for students of this program?

The program uses kid friendly digital media (includes audio, video, games and drawing). It allows kids to revisit and practice the activities as many times as needed, thus strengthening their budding Marathi language skills. The program allows children to explore Marathi language learning on their own terms.


How does it help students who are already in BMM Shala?

Gappa Goshti Web program is carefully crafted to introduce a variety of topics for group discussion lead by the teacher and lets the students practice the skills at home. It  builds confident and enthusiastic  speakers. It helps students learn and practice conversation cues in response to questions, information and various scenarios that they might encounter. Thus building oral fluency, expanding vocabulary, translation, writing and comprehension skills which  are invaluable for test taking.


I’m a Marathi Shala teacher. How is the program useful for me?

The lesson plans are carefully designed for each week to provide standard structure and consistency. As a teacher, you can assign homework and also track students’ progress.


As a Marathi Shala teacher, is teacher preparation required?

The program is designed for 30 classes and can be directly used in the classroom. Each class has three activities - a conversation topic, vocabulary game and writing practice. Any or all of these can be assigned for home practice to extend the lesson.


How is it different from other Marathi learning apps?

The program is comprehensive and focuses on step by step learning. In addition to teaching vocabulary and writing skills, the unique feature of this program is that it promotes learning through conversation.


How does the program work?

The program is hosted on cloud. It can be accessed using a unique login ID and password from any computer or a mobile device with access to internet.


Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes, the program can be accessed from mobile devices like iPad, Android tablet, Chromebook etc.


How much does it cost?

The program costs $5 per month per student and comes with subscription for a year. As part of the subscription you will get immediate access to 100 interactive activities. We can customize the package for Marathi shala groups based on the student - teacher ratio.


Is there trial for the web program? Can I try the activities before I decide to subscribe?

There are three trial activities which will give you an idea about the activities. Also watch the video for more details on the variety of activities. If you’ve more questions, please contact us.


How do I subscribe? I’m interested to learn more. When can I reach you for additional information?

Please fill out your contact details on the Contact Us page and we will guide you through the setup process.


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